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Work Talk

Work Talk is a podcast about happenings in the region’s businesses.  Businesses that participate in the podcast have the opportunity to tell their story;  who are they, what do they do and what do they need to be competitive?  Job seekers, through listening to the podcast, have the opportunity to learn about business needs and expectations and how they might prepare to go to work for a particular business and/or in a particular industry.  We recognize that the more we understand about what businesses want/need, the more likely we are to meet that need.

For more information about Work Talk, contact Marty Holliday at marty.holliday@nrmrwib.org or 540-357-0651


Episode One – The Somic America Story:

Today you’ll learn about Somic America, located in Wytheville, VA, and the various positions that exist within the company. Discover what skill sets the company is looking for, what the hiring process looks like and some of the benefits of working for Somic America.

About Somic America: A leading supplier to the automotive manufacturing market, Somic America specializes in the manufacture of ball joints for suspension and steering systems, and rotary dampers for seat and tailgate applications.

Episode Two – Mohawk Industries, Opportunities with a Global Flooring Company:

Discover the story behind Mohawk Industries, a leader in flooring products, and the various opportunities that exist in their Hillsdale, VA plant. You’ll learn about some surprising benefits that the company offers and the various career opportunities that exist within the organization.

About Mohawk Industries:

Mohawk Industries is the leading global flooring manufacturer that creates products to enhance residential and commercial spaces around the world. Mohawk’s vertically integrated manufacturing and distribution processes provide competitive advantages in the production of carpet, rugs, ceramic tile, laminate, wood, stone and vinyl flooring.

Episode Three – Employment Opportunities with Hollingsworth & Vose:

Vince Hatcher, site manager at Hollingsworth and Vose, discusses the story behind the company, the types of employment opportunities that are available, and what qualities and qualifications the company looks for in prospective employees.

Episode Four – Building A Talent Pipeline in Southwest Virginia

Episode Five – Helping Young People Explore a Career in Manufacturing

This episode was recorded live during the CPID Advanced Manufacturing Career Exploration Academy, which helps young people  explore and consider a career in manufacturing.

Guests include:

Stephanie Surrett is the Executive Director of the Southwest Virginia Alliance for Manufacturing’s Center of Excellence
Kimber Simmons is the Business Services Coordinator for the New River/Mount Rogers Workforce Development Board

Episode Six – Introducing the Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council

Robert McAden, Executive Director of the Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council joins the program.

Robert discusses the types of IT companies in their membership and what their employee needs are.