Success Stories

Jonathan, Commercial Driver

Jonathan Sword is 24 years old and a single parent of a 6 month old baby girl, Landon.  Jonathan was employed by a local temp service as a Fuel Assistant (refueling delivery trucks) at KVAT, earning $10.00 per hour. However, since this was through a temp service, he knew that it could end at any time.   Jonathan was frustrated by only having temporary employment as he knew he needed to be able to provide for his daughter.  KVAT hired Jonathan as a permanent employee after he completed 90 days with the temp service but Jonathan quickly realized that although this was permanent employment; there was no room for advancement within the company without any type of license or credential to operate other equipment.

Jonathan was referred to
People Incorporated by a former youth client. Jonathan completed the
eligibility/enrollment paperwork as well as the TABE and CareerScope
assessments.  Jonathan’s CareerScope showed that he had both interest and
aptitude in physical performing and mechanical.  He scored very high
levels on all areas of the TABE assessment.   At this time, Jonathan
was enrolled in the Out of School Youth program. Jonathan immediately began
Work Readiness workshops including resume writing and interview skills.

Jonathan had expressed an
interest in attaining a Commercial Driver License.  He felt that if he had
the CDL endorsement opportunities for advancement would open up for him. After
searching and comparing CDL programs in the local area, Jonathan enrolled in
the Commercial Truck Driver program at Tri County Driving Academy.

Jonathan had never worked in
the transportation field, or driven a large vehicle that required a CDL before;
however, he excelled in the program. Before he graduated, he was offered full
time employment with Blue Ridge Beverage Company, driving locally.  He has
since completed his training, obtained his CDL license and is now making $13.75
per hour with a full benefit package as a Truck Driver!