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Strategic Plans

WIA provides for a set of tools: one‐stop career centers, training, and youth development. But what problems are those tools aiming to solve? Do employers need assistance tapping into underutilized labor pools?

Is there chronic unemployment, even among more skilled, experienced and educated workers? Is the issue literacy in the age of technology and the rise of the knowledge worker? Is it high school dropouts? Is it the alignment of training and education programs to the needs of employers?

The NR/MR WDB and the NR/MR Consortium Board has assessed, defined  and prioritized important issues facing the workforce in the region. In the following documents are the goals, strategies and action items to address them.

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Name Size
2016 SWOT Analysis 105.0 KiB
New River Mount Rogers Workforce Development Area Strategic Plan Update 19.4 MiB
New River-Mount Rogers Workforce Development Area Strategic Plan 10.6 MiB